St. Martin of Tours Mission has been founded to preserve, safeguard, and make available to the faithful in the Milwaukee area, the Traditional Catholic Mass and Sacraments in the unadulterated form that existed prior to the modernist changes.

St. Martin of Tours, our Patron Saint

St. Martin of Tours Mission is independent of the Milwaukee Archdiocese, and as such is able to ensure that all priests saying Mass for the Mission have been properly ordained using the pre-1969 ordination rite. Since the Rite of Consecration of bishops was also changed, the Mission ascertains that all priests celebrating Mass and providing the Sacraments have been ordained by bishops consecrated using the pre-1968 rite of consecration. These prerequisites are a clear demarcation differentiating Mission priests from those ordained by Fraternity or Institute bishops of the Roman Indult seminaries.

The Mission takes seriously the obligation to ensure that no alteration to the sacrifice of the Mass is allowed, and therefore only Missals in the form existing before the change made to the Canon of the Mass by “Pope” John XXIII in 1962 are used for the sacrifice of the Mass offered by Mission priests.

The secondary purpose for the existence of Saint Martin of Tours Mission is to be an alternative to traditional groups that do not have the spiritual well being of the Faithful as a priority. Many abuses have occurred over the years since Vatican II by Traditional Catholic priests who have used their unique position to administer the sacraments as a means of obtaining power and property, a deplorable situation which has developed in various groups. After the Novus Ordo Missae was promulgated by Paul VI, a monopoly of the sacraments arose virtually overnight, allowing some priests to run roughshod over the faithful, which resulted in the loss of the Faith by many of their victims. This phenomenon, new to this era, produced a resurrection of abuses that God condemned in Old Testament times.

Thus saith the Lord God: Woe to the shepherds of Israel, that fed themselves: should not the flocks be fed by the shepherds? The weak you have not strengthened, and that which was sick you have not healed, that which was broken you have not bound up, and that which was driven away you have not brought again, neither have you sought that which was lost: but you ruled over them with rigor and with a high hand.
Ezechiel 34: 2, 4.

Saint Martin of Tours, Pray for Us.

St. Martin of Tours Feast Day: November 11th


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